FAQs - Go-Karts Plus - Williamsburg, VA Family Fun & Birthdays
Is there an admission fee or parking fee?2016-03-09T20:54:03-05:00

No… Go-Karts Plus offers free admission and free parking!

Can you leave the park and re-enter?2016-03-09T20:59:30-05:00

Yes… Since Go-Karts Plus offers free admission and free parking, customers can come and go free of charge.

Are food and drinks allowed inside the park?2016-12-05T14:30:39-05:00

Although we would love for our customers to try the yummy snacks in our snackbar, we do allow outside food and drinks with the exception of alcohol. Please note that picnic areas and tables in the park may not be available if groups have reserved the space.

Do you offer group or birthday party rates?2016-05-04T16:09:40-04:00

Yes… we offer both group and birthday party rates. To speak to our group sales department and to make a reservation, call (757) 564-7600 or you may CONTACT US with an e-mail.

Are there any rides that one adult and child can ride together?2016-05-04T09:43:10-04:00

Yes… many of our rides allow one adult and one child to ride together. All children must meet the minimum/maximum height requirement to ride as a passenger. To see which rides apply and the height requirements please refer to our GO-KARTS and ATTRACTIONS pages.

Can my child drive, ride or be a passenger if they measure a little shorter than the posted height requirements?2016-03-09T21:02:50-05:00

No… since safety is top priority at Go-Karts Plus, all rides have very strict height requirements.  We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions for children that measure too short.

What type of shoes and clothing are allowed?2016-05-02T13:53:10-04:00

Some type of proper footwear is required while at Go-Karts Plus. Footwear may be sandals as long as they don’t impede driving or riding.  Shirts are also required at Go-Karts Plus. Since this is a family park with a family atmosphere, clothing with offensive words or graphics are not permitted.

How much does it cost if I’m not riding anything?2016-03-09T21:04:02-05:00

Nothing… Spectators are allowed to walk around the park, take pictures or just observe without paying a dime!

What happens if it rains?2021-03-04T11:47:11-05:00

Rides “may” need to close for a period of time if there is rain or lightning in the area. However, Go-Karts Plus will make every attempt to re-open when the weather clears up. Please note that even though unused credits may be used any day or year, refunds are not given for credits or wristbands in the event of rain or inclement weather.

Are pets allowed at Go-Karts Plus?2016-03-09T21:04:45-05:00

With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed at Go-Karts Plus due to safety issues. For the health and well being of your pet, please do not leave them in your car while in the park.

What forms of payment are accepted?2016-03-09T21:05:07-05:00

Go-Karts Plus accepts cash and all major credit cards.  Sorry, no checks please.

How old must you be to work at Go-Karts Plus and where do I get an application?2016-05-04T16:10:41-04:00

You must be 16 years or older to work at GO-KARTS PLUS. You can download an application on our EMPLOYMENT page.

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