Our Indy Track is currently closed and will re-open as the SKYLINE SPEEDWAY in the summer of 2024.

Our INDY TRACK closed at the end of our 2023 season to make room for our new SKYLINE SPEEDWAY elevated go-kart track.

We plan to elevate your fun by taking karting to the next level!
Drivers will ascend a 35 foot tall spiral and rocket down the back stretch, then come back around and under the elevated back stretch before returning to the 35 foot helix!
We hope to have the new track open in the Summer of 2024.
Come by and watch our progress.

This is an image of an elevated go-kart track called the SKYLINE SPEEDWAY


Figure 8 Track

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Race your competition to the finish line on the Figure 8 Track. Experience the excitement while racing around curves and over and under a bridge.

This track offers karts with single and double seats.

Euro Track

Put the Pedal to the Metal on the Euro Track!

Offering single and double seaters, the Euro Track is a great ride for intermediate level drivers.

Rookie Track

Feel Like a Big Kid!

Our Rookie Track is the perfect place for young racers to practice their driving skills. They will feel just like the “big kids” while gripping the wheel of their own race car and zooming around an oval track.

Rookie Karts - Go-Karts Plus - Williamsburg, VA Family Fun & Birthdays